USBAflex™ is a comprehensive flexible spending and employee benefits provider. Our bottom Line is Improving yours.

USBAflex™ is dedicated to providing quality benefits administration services. Whether you are an employee, employer or a broker USBAflex™ can increase your take home pay. Our bottom line is you. We report to you and have developed an impeccable customer services system to assure that every client is taken care of. Our quality products and service are the reason that, since USBAflex™ was established in 1985, we have consistently maintained the highest customer service satisfaction and appreciation.

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USBAFlex enables employees to increase the money that they are taking home and decrease the money paid in taxes.  Setting up and maintaining your account is made easy through online access and a personal customer service representative. After setting up an account, employees can start easily using their funds by swiping their AxisPlus debit card for any eligible expenses.
Simplify your life, and begin taking home more pay.
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USBAFlex provides plans that increase both employer and employee profits through pre-tax initiatives. These plans are beneficial for employers and employees. We are dedicated to ensuring that your employees are well taken care of, your business is profiting and managing your accounts is easy. With access to everything online and access to a personal customer service representative 24/7 we strive to make sure that everyone is always well taken care of.
Let us take care of you and your employees today.
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USBAFlex provides products that you can confidently offer to your clients.  With an unparalleled history of customer service and quality products USBAFlex has a 100% client retention rate. As a broker we understand that it is important for you to provide a quality product that you know will fulfill your client’s needs. At USBAFlex, we are dedicated to doing just that.
Have confidence in the products you offer.
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